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Chempute Instrument Engineering Calculations v81.

INSTRUCALC v8.1 New Features

1.Engineering Standard upgrades

* Latest CV ISO Standard ANSI/ISA 75.01.01-2007
* Pressure Relief Devices Program follows API 520 2009

2. Engineering Improvements

* Technique for showing cavitation in restriction orifices and venturi meters (Flow Elements)
* Expanded vortex meter sizes available – up to size 36 (Flow Elements)
* Incorporation of Z-factor in gas-flow for sizing Flow Elements
* AGA8 option for Natural Gas in Flow Elements
* Added option to specify outlet pressure of orifice Flow Element.
* Added Text box at the bottom of the calculation for comments such as exit angle of venture meters
* PRV Program provide option to calculate flow rate for a known size RV.
* Clarify status to show more clearly flashing, cavitation and choking of control valves.
* Outlet of control valves – flow velocity at outlet flange
* Allow for Density input instead of Specific Gravity in all Programs
* Allow absolute and gauge units for all pressure inputs

3. Operational Improvements

* Compatibility with Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
* Rearrange appearance of program – basic form set-up and day to day options – removed them and clarified there use.
* Excel Import/Export for process data
* Database Print manager with options to print all the database stored data and all the calculations or any combination of them.

4. New Ability to Transfer Data between Files

* Provision has been provided to transfer Version 5.x data to MS Access for Version 8 use .
* Data files are now Microsoft Access.
* Version8.1 now saves all calculated data. There are separate tables for calculation data, units\’ data, data sheets, pressure drop calculations, chemical properties composition data and water hammer data. This allows for data to be available for manipulation.
Product:Chempute Instrument Engineering Calculations v81.
Size:12 MB