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FRI Device Rating Program V2.1.3.794

assist engineers of its member company in rating and preliminary design calculations

of internal devices for mass transfer. The program handles various trays and

packings. The trays include sieve, valve, dualflow, baffle, and bubble cap; the

program handles both random and structured packings. The program uses the

correlations developed using FRI experimental data obtained from two commercial

size columns (1.22 m, and 2.44 m inside diameter). The column pressures are

ranged from 10 mmHG abs (N-Octanol/N-Decanol) to 34.5 bar (Iso-Butane/N-

Butane). The program can handle 1-Pass, 2-Pass, 3-Pass, and 4-Pass sieve trays

and valve trays. The multi-pass trays include both the equal bubbling area and the

equal flow- path length trays. FRI DRP is a multi-process and multi-device program

that enables the users to compare, for a given process, several devices side-by-side,

to select the best tray or packing for the specified process. Several correlations for jet

flooding, downcomer backup (sieve, valve, and bubble cap), entrainment, weeping,

and efficiency are included in the program. The users are able to compare several

correlations side by side. For a given process, the users can obtain a preliminary

design for a sieve tray including column diameter, number of passes, and

downcomer sizes that satisfies requirements for percent jet-flood and downcomer-

product:FRI Device Rating Program V2.1.3.794
Size:13 MB