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FRI\’s testing program is specified by the members and executed by FRI. Each Member company has one vote in the process to guide the research program. The research program contains a mix of basic distillation research and testing of proprietary devices.

FRI research will help to understand new distillation hardware, enabling Members to save money and improve operations. FRI\’s work helps build confidence in new devices through our Proprietary Device Testing program. With this program, new proprietary distillation internals are tested. These tests provide consistent information to compare the performance of new devices that the members may be considering purchasing.

The purpose of FRI is to execute member-driven, well-planned experimental programs to collect large scale mass transfer hardware performance data with industrially representative chemical systems, and to report such data to its members clearly, in useful formats, and in a timely manner.

Design Handbooks

FRI provides the Members with electronic access to the Design Handbooks. These handbooks help trouble-shoot problems, investigate industry best practices, and build fit for purpose distillation facilities.

Volumes 1 through 4 provide guidance on the design of different types of distillation internals. Volume V is the comprehensive FRI Design Practices Handbook. It is authored by the Design Practices Committee which is comprised of distillation experts from roughly 20 of the Member companies. Volume V provides guidance on the many auxillary issues that are so important for successful design and operation of distillation columns.