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Schlumberger Petrel 2010.2

Schlumberger announced the release of Petrel* 2010 software, which offers powerful new capabilities providing more comprehensive risk analysis for exploration workflows.

Tony Bowman, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS), announced the release at the 2010 SIS Global Forum in London. “Until now, most of the effort in exploration workflows has focused on assessing trap and reservoir. This latest release of Petrel will enable our clients to improve their exploration success by providing tools to systematically analyze risk associated with trap, reservoir, charge and seal.”

To more effectively define trap, Petrel 2010 adds the modeling-while-interpreting* functionality to automatically create a structural framework while interpreting. This capability allows geoscientists to rapidly test structural uncertainty and pass a high integrity structural framework directly into the modeling realm. With Petrel 2010 the knowledge of the interpreter is preserved in modeling workflows, and interpreters and modelers can easily iterate to refine velocity and property models.

Additional capabilities enabling improved reservoir characterization include enhanced geobody capabilities facilitating better definition of reservoir bodies, and enhanced seismic attribute analysis to better understand lithologies and fracture characterization.

In addition to handling regional datasets supporting multi-basin to prospect analysis, the Petrel 2010 release features comprehensive fault seal analysis capabilities powered by best-in-class science from Rock Deformation Research. The Petrel Petroleum Systems Quick Look module lets geoscientists perform charge modeling for scouting evaluation and ranking of plays and prospects. This creates a connected workflow for generalists and specialists. Petroleum systems experts can perform full analysis of charge risk with the advanced functionality in the PetroMod software.

In addition, the Ocean* development platform allows geoscientists to further customize Petrel workflows to rapidly solve localized exploration challenges.

As the oil and gas industry explores more complex reservoirs, geoscientists require next-generation model-centric* solutions to more thoroughly assess the associated uncertainties to help improve exploration success.
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