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Mintec MineSight V6.1

MineSight answers all your mining needs. Whether underground or surface, from precious to base metals, for coal, tar sands and industrial minerals, MineSight tackles all geomodeling mining applications. And, thanks to its extensive set of applications, it handles all levels of geology, engineering, surveying, and mine operations.

Use MineSight for the exploration phase of mine development through geological interpretation, feasibility, mine planning, and daily mine operations management. It operates on a standard Windows PC platform with several key open database applications.

No wonder mining companies, consultants, and universities worldwide are solving complex geology and mine planning problems with this comprehensive and fully integrated Geomodeling and Mine Planning Software system.

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Here’s a closer look at what MineSight can do:

Geology and modeling: Manage drillhole data, calculate composite data respecting geology, interpret geological data interactively and automatically, analyze raw and processed data using statistical, and advanced geostatistical tools. Build computer models (3D block, stratigraphic, surface) of grade and material distributions. Calculate in-situ resources and generate quality plots and reports.
Mine design: Use interactive and automatic processes to generate mine designs for open pit, underground, and strip mining scenarios. The Lerchs-Grossmann algorithm can perform open pit optimization. Design multiple phases/pushbacks in one pass, and harness the designs in long term planning routines. Interactively design pits, respecting complex slope geometry, multiple pit bottoms, and ramps. Interactively design underground mining shapes, including development headings, stopes, shafts, and raises.
Long term planning: Produce scoping, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies. Optimize life-of-mine scheduling while maximizing NPV. Include equipment (truck/shovel) needs. Optimize cutoff grades, balance stripping ratios, blend grade/quality constraints, handle stockpiles, constrain schedules by real mining limits. Generate extensive reports and charts of scheduling results, including material movement, and truck and shovel usage.
Short term planning: Store and manage short term planning data through a centralized MicroSoft® SQL Server planning database. Interactively design mining cuts, assign cut attributes, and schedule resources. Create 3D haulage and material routing profiles, report haulage cycle times, material routing, and production equipment needs. Optimize mining cuts based on user-defined precedence and constraints. Calculate equipment usage, and stockpile material movement, and blend grades/qualities.
Production: Using a data hub in SQL Server, manage four critical areas — Drill & Blast, Grade Control, Production Management, and Reconciliation.
Drill and Blast: Store and report blasthole data, including consumables, drill performance, and explosive information. Compare design versus actual.
Grade Control: Design mining cuts with interactive tools, report in any format, and merge grade control data with other production information, such as truck count/usage. Integrate with third-party tools, including truck/shovel monitoring and dispatch systems. Model Blast Movement and optimize grade control dig lines.
Production Management: Track real-time production status, including reports for broken muck inventory, shovel advance, and production metrics.
Reconciliation: Report comparisons of exploration versus production grade models, production comparisons, and as-built versus predicted.
Support Infrastructure: MineSight’s cross-applications tools offer extensive 3D and 2D CAD editing, sophisticated display and plotting, and the most advanced 3D tools in the mining business for solid/solid and solid/surface calculations. Use these tools to reformat large raw data files, or for extensive script access (using Python), and for both data and function manipulation. Enjoy safe and secure project management in a multi-user environment with MineSight’s unique Data Security System.
product:Mintec MineSight V6.1
Size:785 MB