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SPTGROUP DrillBench v5.1

Advanced drilling engineering and operation

Drilling solutions for challenging wells
Modeling wells with diverse and extreme complexities
Safe and cost-effective operational procedures
The demand for oil and gas is pushing the industry into increasingly challenging areas.

Much of the remaining reserves are located in deep water or deep reservoirs with high or extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

Successful drilling of challenging wells requires in-depth understanding of the hydraulics during all phases of the operation. The drilling process is highly dynamic and complicated to model; thus, much of the dynamics have traditionally been neglected. However, with diminishing operational margins, the importance of dynamic effects is growing. Coupled with increasing well construction cost from increasing water depth or total well depth, software tools capable of modeling the dynamics become essential and strategically important.

Drillbench Graphical User Interface
product:SPTGROUP DrillBench v5.1
Size:60 MB