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RockWare LogPlot 7.v7.4.79.105

LogPlot has been used by geoscientists since 1983 to
display their geotechnical, environmental,
geophysical, mud/gas, and mining data as a graphic
boring log. LogPlot offers almost unlimited
flexibility for log layout via its easy-to-use,
built-in Log Designer. With a WYSIWYG, point-and-click
interface, LogPlot s Log Designer makes it easy to
customize logs for different clients and projects.
Field data can be entered into LogPlot s Data Editor
using the keyboard, copy/paste, data collection,
and/or import tools (LAS, RockWorks, Excel, ASCII,
DBF). Multiple libraries of soil and rock types are
included with LogPlot, and you can easily customize
them to suit your company s needs. Compile the data in
to the design at any vertical scale for singe-page,
multi-page, or continuous logs. Distribute the free
LogView program with your logs so your clients can
view and print your LogPlot logs. Or, create HTML log
pages or JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, WMF and EMF images.

LogPlot is offered with academic and multiple-seat
discounts. Single-user, multiple-use
product:RockWare LogPlot 7.v7.4.79.105
Size:15 MB