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Gemcom Minex 6.0.3

Gemcom Minex 6.0.3 ready!
Gemcom Minex 6.0.3

Project or Offset part of a String

Import AutoCAD™ MPolygon Objects

Process many more grids and variables in a Seam Grid SQL

Improvements to Borehole Seam Report
Gemcom Minex™ is the only integrated end-to-end software specifically designed for coal and other stratified deposits such as lignite, phosphate, bauxite, iron ore, and platinum. Fully integrating all aspects of mining from exploration through rehabilitation, Minex ensures that your resources are evaluated accurately and mined efficiently, improving your productivity and profitability throughout the mining lifecycle. Developed in partnership with the mining industry, the software is employed by the world’s largest mining companies.
# Speed – Minex is designed to rapidly model large, deep and data-intense coal projects. Minex’s high-speed and efficient modelling technology offers significant time and cost savings over other mining packages.
# Transparency – Visually confirm each stage of the modelling and design process to ensure full confidence in the final model, resources and reserves.
# Connectivity – Reduce data duplication by easily connecting to corporate databases and common file and data storage formats, including GIS, CAD and other mine planning data.
# Lower total cost of ownership – Integration of geology, optimisation, design, planning, scheduling, survey, rehabilitation and other functions enables faster, more accurate decisions.
Product:Gemcom Minex 6.0.3
Size:525 MB