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MICROMINE comprises nine modules giving you the flexibility to choose what you need as you need it, as your operation expands or your requirements change.


The heart of MICROMINE, Core allows you to import, validate, visualise and interpret surface, drillhole and subsurface data. Users or third parties gain a rapid and in-depth understanding of the data using industry-standard 3D graphics.

* Vizex 3D viewing environment
* Compatibility with many third party file formats
* Graphically interpret drillhole and other data
* Display all supported MICROMINE data types
* Essential statistical and coordinate conversion tools
* Automate repetitive tasks using macros
* Easily communicate ideas to non-technical audiences using fly through animations or VRML scenes


The Exploration module provides a set of tools for working in detail with drillhole data, including the performance of statistical calculations and DTM surfaces or grids.

* Drillhole calculations
* Statistical and geostatistical calculations
* Enhanced display capabilities; pie charts, oriented diamond drill structures, 3D contours
* Digital terrain modelling and calculations


The Wireframing module allows you to build and manipulate triangulated 3D solids and surfaces. Analytical tools include flagging 3D data as being inside or outside a solid or above or below a surface, grade-tonnage calculations, and many other spatial operations

* Use a wireframe solid and drillhole assay data to quickly calculate a grade/tonnage
* Use interactive Boolean operations to intersect two or more wireframes, or the menu version to batch process many wireframes via a macro
* Build polygonal solids from a profile, or slice a wireframe using sequential planes in any orientation
* Modify wireframe coordinates by rotation, scaling, translation, or geographic coordinate conversion
* Calculate drillhole pierce points from a wireframe
* Construct wireframe solids from a variety of data types
Product:MICROMINE 2010
Size:315 MB