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Oasis montaj 7.2

Effective 3D rendering of the subsurface is essential for presentation and collaboration, however a great deal of work is still completed on plans and sections. Moving naturally between 2D and 3D is critical, and making this transition more seamless is a key focus in this release.

The advances include the ability to sample a voxel to GDB locations, orient GOCAD voxet files, use log and log/linear options for 3D gridding, and new utilities to create uniform voxels and grids of any size.
Oasis montaj Extensions

This release contains many new features and enhancements in the Oasis montaj extensions and montaj Plus extensions from our software partners. Some of the highlights include:

* Geophysics: Display curved or crooked sections in 2D or 3D views
* MAGMAP: New Multistep Expansion algorithm
* Geochemistry: New duplicate sample identification method
* Drillhole: Significant Intersection Report
* GM-SYS: Enhanced Block Spreadsheet and Velocity/Density conversion
* GM-SYS 3D: New menus and calculation utilities
* SEG-Y Reader: Improved XML Configuration
* CET Grid Analysis: A new extension that provides automated lineament detection of gridded data

Ease of Use Improvements
Multiple Shadow Cursors
Link multiple views using the shadow cursor Click to view full image
Multiple View Shadow Cursors

Geosoft dynamic linking of data between maps and Geosoft databases has always been a valued capability.

Now we have taken this feature and made it better by adding shadow cursor support to all data views within a map. Use the shadow cursor to link multiple data views or a section view and a plan view in the same map.

Dynamic linking with the shadow cursor includes scatter plots and triplots, plan maps, section maps, and 3D Viewers. A toggle in the Advanced Parameters also allows the user to turn off this functionality. Shadow cursors now also work across different Geosoft Project Files (GPF).
Map / Grid Relative Paths

We have improved the handling of relative paths for rasters in maps to make opening maps more efficient. When opening a map where the grids have been moved from their original file locations, the path to the grids are now stored relatively so that they will be discovered automatically. When manual input of the file location is required, the map will find other rasters in the same location, so you will only be prompted to find the first grid when there are many grids displayed on the map.
Product:Oasis montaj 7.2
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