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Geosoft Oasis Montaj 8.3.1

Oasis montaj 8.3

Based on feedback from our customers, this release delivers a broad range of new features and updates designed to provide you with more streamlined workflows throughout the software.

In addition to these workflow improvements, you\’ll notice new features and enhancements for working with wireframes, drillhole data, sections, arrays, and voxels.
Updates to Oasis montaj extensions

In this release, Geosoft is pleased to introduce VALEM, a new inversion service integrated within GM-SYS 3D designed for recovering the base of salt in complex density environments.

This release also includes more updates and new features for GM-SYS 3D and the other Oasis montaj extensions, including: Airborne Quality Control, Drillhole, Geochemistry, GM-SYS Profile, and VOXI Earth Modelling.
Product:Geosoft Oasis Montaj 8.3.1