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StairDesigner v6.04

– StairDesigner is a polyvalent straight, helicoidal, and balanced
stair design software, used in the wood, marble, stone, and metal
– StairDesigner allows a quick stairway parameters entry. Its Help
and Control Function checks the Riser Height, Tread Length, and
Stair Rule parameters (Blondel’s law), and helps reaching the
stair compliance.
– StairDesigner is based on the Boole & Partners exclusive Global
Balancing Function, which summarizes major balancing theories, and
calculates «S-shaped» stairs, cut-off corners stairs, English styled
stairs, and rounded stairs, and also optimizes concrete stairs
coverage (StairDesigner-Pro_RB).
– StairDesigner calculates all the stair components : steps, risers,
stringboards, racks, straws, poles, handrails and banisters, which
may be printed, plotted in a scale 1/1 (jigs), or exported in DXF format.
– The StairDesigner 3D integrated function (colors, textures, and
transparency levels) displays the stair in various 3D views.
Product:StairDesigner v6.04