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Atir Strap 2010

ATIR Engineering Software Development Ltd was founded in 1983 with the aim of developing structural analysis and design software for use on personal computers. ATIR\’s staff of software and structural engineers, aided by a team of academic experts, has been dedicated to the task of creating top quality programs for the construction industry. ATIR set its goal to produce a structural analysis program that would be sophisticated and comprehensive and at the same time easy to use for the professional engineer. The very first version of STRAP, released in 1984, already featured an interactive user interface, unlike the batch processing method used by other programs available at that time. ATIR introduced a true graphical interface as early as 1989 in version 6.0 of STRAP, long before Windows based programs became popular. STRAP incorporates the feedback from hundreds of satisfied users worldwide. ATIR\’s programs are used by large prestigious firms, public and government organizations as well as small consulting offices around the world. STRAP has been used for the design of prestigious projects like the Queen Elisabeth II bridge in the UK, the second Tagus crossing in Portugal and the \”New Hong Kong Bridge\”.
Product:Atir Strap 2010