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CSCC MasterSeries 2010.04.26

MasterSeries 2010 Released

I am delighted to inform you that the MasterSeries 2010.04 Version is now available for download.

This major version update presents a number of significant enhancements.  Here are just some of the top new features.  

  • New 3D Model Manager Gravity and Wind Area Loading application methods.  No more dummy members, handling any panel shape for one way spanning loading.  Much easier and more intuitive panel based application methods.
  • Automatic Wind Panel Generation for any shape structure, with auto detection of parapets and canopies
  • New controllable snap points in member generation with member tracking feature.  Improved snap graphics.
  • In Axial with Moment Check, option to automatically include nominal column design moment from beam shear eccentricities.

Product:CSCC MasterSeries 2010.04.26