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AceCad Software is delighted to announce the global release of StruCad V15. This revolutionary second StruCad release of 2008 includes substantial new software developments for increased flexibility and contains the very latest .NET software development technology. With new features and advanced functionality across all areas of the StruCad system, AceCad Software is proud of its leading development program that significantly increases the competitive advantages of our valued clients.

StruCad V15 enables unlimited multi user collaboration and advanced model management functionality, together with rapid issuing tools - all facilitated by incorporation of the very latest software technology. With increased connection design capabilities and new cold rolled modeling functionality, engineering integration, component specification and advanced ordering are facilitated. Together with many timesaving new features, the latest software industry aesthetics and numerous enhancements, the modeling experience is further enhanced.

Improvements stretch across AceCad Software’s StruCad Freeware - StruWalker model and drawing viewers, together with improved model architecture resulting in greater localization and flexibility associated with models, further increasing collaboration potential.

Unlimited Collaboration and Advanced Issuing

The StruCad Model Management and Issuing System is a unique new integrated software module, designed and developed by AceCad Software to provide users with a simple and efficient model management system. With advanced features for single and multiple users, powerful issuing facilities and the ability to collaborate via a LAN or the internet, the StruCad Model Management and Issuing System delivers a truly productive solution. Headline benefits include:

  • Applications for both single and multiple users
  • Powerful change detection and management - preventing errors and costly 
    duplication of work.
  • Advanced part and whole model issuing features with instant distribution of piece 
    mark data.
  • Controlled issuing preparation & management facilities for all production data.
  • Administrative & Security features; user rights control at a global or project level.
  • Visual model history, providing an audit trail with system rollback facilities.
  • Developed using the very latest Microsoft, .NET & SQL technologies.

Timesaving New Functionality

In parallel with the adoption of the latest software technologies several new timesaving features have been incorporated into the re-developed StruCad workspace. With greater customisation potential working folders are enhanced enabling users to filter and group definable categories. Models may be previewed and interrogated without being opened and may be administrated between folders by dragging and dropping, whilst transportation of models is further simplified by an enhanced zipping and emailing function.


Greater Supplier Flexibility

The worldwide growth and adoption of cold rolled component construction has long been supported within StruCad by the development of advanced macros to enable rapid modelling and in some cases design and direct ordering. Recognising the importance of this technology AceCad Software has introduced a facility within StruCad V15 for easy configuration of cold rolled connections to suit many manufacturers and styles.

Further Integration across Functions and Organizations

AceCad is pleased to announce the inclusion within StruCad V15 of new simple connection design macros to enable users to streamline their detailing processes and may be used in varying modes to facilitate manual connection design, full design checking and ’look up’ facilities with published standards. These engineering applications further link StruCad across the design phase of a typical structural steelwork project, integrating job functions and delivering streamlined Fabrication Information Modeling.