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Thermolflow Suite 18.0

This line includes Thermoflow’s most popular programs, GT PRO & GT MASTER for gas turbine-based cycles, STEAM PRO & STEAM MASTER for pure steam power plants, and RE-MASTER for repowering existing steam plants by adding gas turbines. It also includes the Plant Design Expert (PDE) program for executive-level use of GT PRO.

GT PRO and STEAM PRO are design programs, which create cycle heat balance as well as the physical design of equipment needed to implement it. GT MASTER and STEAM MASTER are simulation programs that predict performance of the plant as a function of its fixed equipment, control set-points, loads, and ambient conditions. RE-MASTER designs the new equipment needed to convert a given pure steam power plant to combined cycle, then proceeds to simulate performance of the repowered plant at off-design.

Thermoflow’s application-specific programs provide an astonishing wealth of modeling detail, yet are deceptively simple to use. Many new users, without training or time spent reading instructions manuals, can produce professional plant designs within a few hours of installing a program. Experienced users normally design a new plant in a matter of minutes.

This seemingly contradictory combination of incredible power and detail with fast, friendly ease of use is the result of thoughtful software design and tireless improvements — the fruit of over 230,000 man-hours of talent. All input variables have reasonable defaults, or may be generated by automatic procedures within the program to suit the user’s application. Non-critical inputs are tucked away into secondary tabs, readily accessible to those who want them, but virtually unnoticed by the casual user. Experienced users who choose to delve into details never cease to be amazed by their depth
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