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Paradigm Geolog 6.7

Paradigm Geolog 6.7 product suite provides advanced petrophysical analysis tools, superior presentation graphics, flexible modularity combined with an easy-to-use environment, well data management, and geological interpretation. Geolog 6.7, the latest release of the product suite, focuses on four key areas of new development:

Support for the generalist and geologist
Improved usability through a newly designed user interface and new workflows
Creation of the foundation elements for 3D petrophysics
Development of new tools and analysis techniques

Improved Accuracy
Use the vast array of petrophysical analysis functionality, superior graphics and robust data integration to ensure all available data is analyzed and decisions are made with the greatest confidence

Fast Answers
Geolog handles the entire workflow from data loading, log editing, and analysis to presentation and reporting in one integrated environment that eliminates the need to use separate applications for each task.

Ease of Use
Consistent, easy to use interfaces offer short learning curves and lowered training costs, helping you create the industry\’s standard for petrophysical analysis. Geolog’s modular design provides a flexible environment that is customizable to suit the needs of novices without sacrificing the application depth and breadth needed by expert users.

Improved Success
Retain your competitive edge by applying the incorporation of user-defined algorithms for inputting your proprietary knowledge into Geolog.

Improved User-Interface
Geolog 6.7 development concentrated on improved ergonomics to increase efficiency by reducing mouse-clicks and the possibility of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI.) New functionality includes updated GUIs, improved and consistent toolbars and workspace enhancements. Editing operations have been streamlined. Explorer-style list trees as an alternative to table views have been added as well as expanded usage of menu-tree panes (full menus, property sheets, and files.)

New Workflows
New workflow tools introduce a module combiner and the ability to create and record macros. Datum management enhancements to provide rapid quality control (QC) of data include improved interval selection, well selection for viewing, a highlighted log for setting limits, and the ability to use nonblocked datum. New views have been added to display logs as multiple XPLOTS/histograms or coherence plots/spidergrams.

Petrophysical Uncertainty Analysis
Newly introduced module combiner allows easy generation of multi-scenarios using different parameters and facilitates future Monte Carlo analysis. New views facilitate comparison of multiple scenarios.

Enhancements include the implementation of partitioning based on turn points. Layouts now handle nonmonotonically referenced data and separate line color and fill attributes can be displayed. Enhanced interactive picking with modeling generates initial picks for easier interpretation.

Use GeoSteer to generate curtains in Geolog from surfaces and wellpaths imported from external applications. Visualize 3D models and wellpath views. Display multiple wells in plan views in wellpath view. Paradigm’s OpsLink module provides a WITSML feed which enables geosteer models to be refreshed in real-time. Final results can be exported as updated surface intersections to 3rd party applications.

Platform Support
Geolog supports native Microsoft Windows® (XP/Vista), Linux (Redhat) and UNIX (Sun Solaris 8/9) with full crossplatform functionality.

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