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Schlumberger CemCADE 4.4

CemCADE cementing design and evaluation software
Cementing in today’s challenging wells is a complex task. Wells may have depleted intervals,
resulting in narrow windows between pore and fracturing pressures. Deviations can make casing
standoff by centralizers hard to determine. Mud removal may be difficult as a result of the standoff
and exotic drilling fluids.
CemCADE software provides tools to assist the engineer in evaluating all the parameters and
in designing cementing slurries and procedures to cement the well and achieve the required
zonal isolation. The software is used for all types of wells and casings, from land to offshore in
deepwater and from large-diameter conductor casing to the deepest production liner. Tools
assist in calculation of centralizer placement, pump rates and spacer properties to achieve mud
removal and cement placement; calculation of densities and pumping parameters help maintain
well control. Additional tools evaluate the risk of gas migration and allow the engineer to select
appropriate solutions to minimize this risk. A module assists engineers in designing plugs to minimize
contamination during placement, resulting in much higher plug-setting success. A simulator
aids in determining the temperatures to expect during cementing, providing better data for
cement slurry design and better schedules for thickening-time tests and compressive-strength
tests to determine optimum WOC.
Product:Schlumberger CemCADE 4.4