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Landmark DrillModel 2000.0


Innovation and High-Science Technology
For more than 25 years, Landmark has been providing solutions to E&P challenges through the continuous development and enhancement of our leading high-science software and technology services. With over 350 patent filings since 2001, we recognize that solving your challenges of today, and those of tomorrow, requires constant innovation around everything we do. Our technologies and services span every discipline in our industry and include such market leaders as OpenWorks®, SeisWorks®, GeoProbe®, and AssetPlanner® applications .

Your Open Integration Environment
Landmark understands that you require unique solutions for your unique challenges, and you need a vendor that not only understands this but will also collaborate with you. Our answer is the DecisionSpace® environment. DecisionSpace is an open environment that enables more efficient E&P workflows through the integration of your preferred applications and data within and across domains, from any vendor. It simplifies the adoption of new technologies and workflows, such as next-generation earth modeling, basin scale exploration and production optimization.
Landmark DrillModel 2000.0

1. Install.
2. Copy license file \”license.dat\” to c:LandmarkLAM folder
Product:Landmark DrillModel 2000.0