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NeuraLog 2008.05

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 NeuraLog is the most widely-used log digitizing solution in the oil and gas industry. Automated digitizing streamlines your workflow by sending reliable digital data to time-critical projects. Unique quality improvement, editing and validation assure that your digital log data, which often comes from vendors where quality is uncertain, can be corrected and verified to meet your needs. For those working with rasters, NeuraLog can create straightened and depth registered images for your geological applications.

NeuraLog’s simple interface, driven by workflow wizards and automation, makes is easy to get your work done quickly. Automated depth gridding and curve tracing expedite this once tedious task of capturing log data. However, this is only part of the power of NeuraLog. Image warp/stretch are corrected by internal algorithms calculated from the log’s grid model. Real-time visual verification is achieved, as the curve trace directly overlays the image original. Once curves are traced, a log quality index value is computed, giving you an indication of the quality of each curve as well as total log quality. Curve calculations are available for basic log petrophysics, and curve mathematics allow you to depth shift or perform inverse operations. Finally, LAS data accuracy can be confirmed with our Virtual Light Table. Without these critical steps the quality of your data, and subsequently your analysis, is unknown. In short, NeuraLog allows you to verify and edit your log data on the fly to produce the best possible results.

Product:NeuraLog 2008.05