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IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe 14

::::::English Description:::::: Easily create and manage design dependencies plus, import and quickly convert existing 2D TurboCAD and AutoCAD® designs into fully constrained drawings. Now with more than 15 constraints for 2D lines, arcs, circles, splines and dimensions, you can now quickly and easily locate and delete existing constraints with the constraints palette. You can even generate spline tangents with just one click and TurboCAD automatically calculates the precise spline connection points. New Constraints Property Pallettes New Horizonal Constraints New Vertical Constraints New Constraints of Objects in Parallel Planes New DCM Spline Support ACIS® Version 15 Solid Modeling Engine [img][/img] Fast and accurate creation of 3D models is a snap, with Spatial’s ACIS v15 solid modeling engine. Create complex 3D shapes from simple 2D profiles using TurboCAD’s Extrude and Sweep features. And, 3D editing is made even easier with TurboCAD’s 3D slice, intersect and Boolean editing tools. Quickly and easily create complex organic shapes using NURBS and other deformable modeling tools, and easily create a solid from a surface or vice versa. Advanced Mechanical Design [img][/img] Create 2D layouts of 3D parts and models—in seconds, with a powerful drafting palette. Build layouts with multiple projections, complex sectional views, and even derivative sectional views, with just a few clicks. TurboCAD Professional delivers powerful solid and surface modeling with extreme versatility. Plus, mechanical drafting is even easier with these advancements: ACIS® 15 Solid Modeling Engine Powerful Part Tree NURBS-based objects including deformable modeling Create solids from surfaces and surfaces from solids Axis scaling of all ACIS objects Powerful Drafting palette STEP import/export filter Industry-standard IGES filter Facet editing of ACIS 3D objects and surfaces Complex extrusions and imprints Intricate revolutions and spirals Complete 2D/3D Boolean operations 3D shelling, lofting, and blending Surface modeling and meshes Flexible User Interface [img][/img] Select to display only those tools you want and need, freeing up valuable screen space for designing. Choose from a variety of collapsible, drag and drop menus with tools that are intuitively grouped and organized, and offer display options ranging from simple icons, to icons with full explanations. Plus, TurboCAD’s one of kind, context sensitive tools eliminate unnecessary prompts and steps by making intelligent assumptions about the users desired outcomes. Simple Text Editing [img][/img] Offering a simplified approach, TurboCAD’s text editing tools mirror those found in other graphic applications. Simply select the text box you want to edit and the text editing palette is automatically called up. Extrapolate text to create 3D text for effects such as embossing. And make edits to 2D and 3D text, directly on screen. Plus, choose from thousands of colors for text and background. Interoperability [img][/img] With TurboCAD’s commitment to interoperability, sharing your files with others and among other programs is never an issue. Always utilizing the latest copy of the Open Drawing Alliance® library, TurboCAD supports 28 of the most popular industry-standard file formats, including AutoCAD’s DWG and DXF, DesignCAD’s DCD, MicroStation® DGN, 3DS, IGES, STEP and STL. A newly added feature even supports the export of 3D files into DWF format. Or, users can publish designs into HTML, JPG and now newly supported PNG and GIF file formats with included Alpha Channel for transparencies. Superior Artistic Design and Presentation [img][/img] Access countless brush styles with TurboCAD’s proprietary Brush Style Editor and embed photos and other graphic elements directly into your designs. Utilize Gradient Fills to fade from light to dark along radial, linear, diamond or custom paths, or take advantage of color transparencies to screen objects in the foreground to emphasize objects in the background. Plus choose custom density levels for scattering mediums, go even further with all new Decal Reflectance filters, and enjoy all these additional image creation tools: New LightWorks 7.5 with LightWorks Archives Extensive options for hidden-line rendering Click-and-apply palettes Color selection and creation tools Work in 2D or 3D without leaving Rendered mode Raytrace, radiosity, and Open GL rendering 2D and 3D raster-image manipulation Customizable luminance and environments Customizable materials, textures, and reflections Hidden-line isometrics and perspectives Intelligent Architectural Design [img][/img] Design in 2D and 3D—simultaneously, with TurboCAD’s intuitive architectural tools. Create parametric doors and windows, drag and drop them directly into the walls of your 3D drawing. Define the exact parameters of these objects and more. New Parametric Walls, Windows, & Doors New Point Marker Tool Wall-direction indicators enhance materials selection and block insertion Convert lines, polylines, circles and curves into walls Roof editing, dimensioning and transform tools Self-healing 2D and 3D walls Parametric symbols and blocks Sections and cross sections Rendered walk-throughs Schedules and bills of materials PDF features [img][/img] TurboCAD’s PDF file export features let users export paper spaces, customize PDF fonts, TrueType®, SHX, paper widths, and paper heights sections. Programmability [img][/img] TurboCAD Professional even includes a complete software development kit (SDK) now with XML-based definitions Integrated ScanPro Raster-to-Vector Converter [img][/img] Automatically convert “scanned-in” data into the most important CAD formats of the day. Using a process called Raster-to-Vector conversion ScanPro transforms your line art scans, drawings, and cocktail napkin sketches into workable CAD drawings. And there is more [img][/img] Full of industry’s leading tools and options not found even in higher priced software, TurboCAD is the number one selling brand name under $1000. With significantly advanced parametric modeling, superior artistic and visual presentation options, time saving drafting tools, intuitive user interface, and the most cross-compatible file publishing options on the market, TurboCAD Professional is the tool that CAD professionals worldwide have turned to for significant productivity and dramatic results.
Product:IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe 14