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IMSI Instant Architect v3.0.006

http://soft.ywcw.comSimple to learn, easy to use, powerful capabilities.[img][/img]With 150 FREE pre-drawn floor plans to customize, and a 1000-piece symbol library, you can create floor plans, elevations, landscape plans and more with ease using the intuitive and extensive array of drafting tools. Instant Architect is based on the award-winning DesignCAD platform, for guaranteed quality.Easy to Use [img][/img]Automatic Dimensioning Zoom to Edit Smallest Details 256 Editable Layers Full Clipboard Support Produce Material List Drag & Drop Doors and Windows Precision Drawing Tools East-to-use tools for drawing arcs, lines, curves, circles, ellipses and more.Drag & Drop Doors and Windows[img][/img]Easily insert doors and windows. Simply indicate where the opening should be made, its size and the window or door to be installed. Pre-drawn doors and windows conform to industry standards. Precision Drawing Tools[img][/img]Easy-to-use tools for drawing arcs, lines, curves, circles, ellipses and more.Create High-Quality Detailed Work[img][/img]Instant Architect gives you the ability to create very intricate drawings. You can print a drawing to any scale on any size printer. You can even print a large drawing on an ordinary inkjet or laser printer using Instant Architects automatic tiling.Accurate Dimensions[img][/img]Scale drawings can be accurately dimensioned with ease.官方网站
Product:IMSI Instant Architect v3.0.006