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GGU SS-Flow2D v8.03


  • Powerful mesh generator with mesh condenser and optimizer
  • import of ASCII-Data
  • Consideration of seepage lines and the unsaturated zone
  • Definition of layer boundaries using fixed values or an interpolation mesh (data import of ASCII-Data of GGU-GEO GRAPH)
  • Graphically oriented data input and editor for fixed boundary conditions such as potentials and single, line or area flux
  • Powerful evaluation tools
  • Color supported presentation of results such as normal, colored or 3-dimensional Iso-lines, tables or circle diagrams
  • Evaluation and presentation of potentials, velocities vx, vy and flux in any cross-section
  • Evaluation and presentation of groundwater level, aquifer thickness, groundwater distance from surface, artesian areas and dryareas
  • Evaluation and presentation of flow lines with path and time increment


  • Product:GGU SS-Flow2D v8.03