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GGU Plateload v6.23

The program GGU-PLATELOAD enables the analysis and  presentation of plate loading tests according to DIN 18  134.  Data input is in accordance with conventional WINDOWS operations and can therefore be learned almost entirely without the use of a manual. Graphic output supports the true-type fonts supplied with WINDOWS, so that excellent layout is guaranteed. Colour output and any graphics   (e.g. files in formats BMP, JPG, PSP, TIF, etc.) are supported. DXF files can also be imported by means of  the integrated Mini-CAD module (see the Mini-CAD  manual).

The program has been thoroughly tested. No faults have been found. Nevertheless, liability for completeness and  correctness of the program and the manual, and for any damage resulting from incompleteness or incorrectness; cannot be accepted.
Product:GGU Plateload v6.23