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Byte Mountain GridSmith v1.0.4.224 网格地图制作

GridSmith是一个Microsoft Windows程序,可以创建图形化的,像网格的地图。地图的用途是解决战斗或者用缩略图来描述遭遇战。 Make Beautiful Battle Maps Fast! GridSmithTM is a Microsoft Windows program that creates graphical, grid-like maps for use in resolving combat or depicting encounters using miniatures. Square graphical tiles are painted onto a grid with the mouse to build the map. Print your maps to fit many different miniature base sizes. GridSmithTM maps are usable with most of the popular role-playing and table-top miniature combat rules on the market. For more information:
product:Byte Mountain GridSmith v1.0.4.224 网格地图制作