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IEZ Speedikon MI Industriebau v6.5.47

Modern industrial building required increasingly for completely integrated solutions for the trade-spreading building draft and the collection of existence, also as basis for Facility management. It is of enormous importance to seize the buildings in their entire structure three-dimensional. Thus e.g. with lying close and piping planning, collisions and planning faults in the apron are already avoided. The employment of speedikon M industrial building can become fair this high requirement. Going beyond architecture functionalities necessary for process orientated planning and modelling, the system unites the building methods stealing and massive construction in ideal way. MicroStation as diagram platform integrated itself, extends firmly in the industrial building established speedikon M, therein these standards by build-specific functions and by an intelligent, three-dimensional building model, which means a unique and yardstick-independent input. The singular design filter technology and the openness of the system form the basis for information-generic processes, as for example automatic making available of plan documents of different contents from the same building model.
Product:IEZ Speedikon MI Industriebau v6.5.47