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Bentley speedikon Industrial

::::::English Description::::::speedikon Industrial provides a wide range of functions for the planning and data capture of steel constructions in industrial buildings. More efficient input dialogs as well as more flexible and powerful steel construction tools ensure increased productivity.
  Among other things, the new version also boasts practical enhancements to the parametrics of  steel trussed girders, connection plates, steel stairs, steel balustrades, cage ladders, fire rating cloth as well as completely new developments.    The efine floor command has a new option with the help of which grating floors can be created. The same powerful commands as are used for solid floor slabs are used to modify the contour of grating floors.
  A new set of commands makes it possible to place and subsequently edit full wall beams consisting of variably definable upper and bottom chord plates and a partition plate. Vouts can be generated thanks to the cross-section enlargement option at the ends of the beam.

Product:Bentley speedikon Industrial