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CompeGPS Air v5.7

CompeGPS is an essential software to make the most of your GPS. With this PC software you will be able to download a wide variety of cartography from the internet and also analyse your routes. This software has been specially designed for free flight and motor flight pilots they use GPS and likes to create and accomplish their own routes and then later on analyse. CompeGPS allows you to carryout several functions with routes, tracks, maps and other objects, it is fully communicates with your GPS. You can load tracks, waypoints and routes from PC to GPS and vice versa very easily and quickly. One of CompeGPS main features is the use of maps. CompeGPS can download freeware maps from the Internet and it allows you to used scanned maps, p.e. *.JPG or .PNG files, amongst others. To be able to use these maps (images) they previously have to be calibrated, which is an option included in this software. Another of CompeGPS advantages is that it allows you to open more than one map at a time, overlapping them perfectly. With CompeGPS you will be able to work with waypoints and routes. It allows you to create waypoints and routes on any map that you open. It makes creating and locating waypoints extremely easy going. CompeGPS allows you to create 3D views the mountains and tracks of your holidays thanks to its powerful 3D tool, permitting you to move freely over your maps. CompeGPS 3D views are based on landscape maps which you can automatically download from the internet using this software. Landscapes maps of the whole over are available at no additional cost. You will be able to re-live your routes with the programs animation tool, in 2 or 3D, you chose. You will be able to compare speeds, re-view roads, view the exact position of several vehicles at the same time, amongst a whelm of possibilities. CompeGPS is a unique a pastime! Analyse your entire track or several tracks at the same time. Monitor horizontal and vertical speeds; maximum, minimum and average altitudes; distances covered, gliding ratio? For those who have a computer in their car or aircraft, they can also use the CompeGPS Moving Map, with its powerful functions. This real-time navigation system can be viewed in 2 or 3D, so you can see the mountains and other sloops on the screen. CompeGPS has a server where you can find tracks from any part of the world. All these tracks have been made and send by CompeGPS users. CompeGPS allows you to download any track from the track server, this way you can see, study and send them to your GPS. You can also send the tracks you have made making them available to everyone. One of the latest new features of CompeGPS is the thermal viewing in the 3D window. CompeGPS Air create the thermals from the track of your flight, this way you can see the shape of all the thermals you have turned during your flight. Shows the data of the total ascendance, distance of your transitions and gliding ratio in the 3D window. This way you can see all the important information of your flight.. The competition menu of CompeGPS Air allows you to open *.MGA files (not modify). In these files is the route with the start point, goal and all the waypoints of the task.
product:CompeGPS Air v5.7