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TrackLogs Digitak Mapping 2.04 数字导航

TrackLogs Digital Mapping是新一代的数字导航软件,结合路线编制和管理功能在你的个人视窗电脑上使用真正的陆地测量部数字地图。无缝合成OS 1:25,000和1:50,000比例尺的数字地图;浏览数字高程模型DEM,使用最新的(美国)国家航空和宇宙航行局数字高程模型生成3D地形图;在家中打印地图,支持Garmin GPS。[img][/img]TrackLogs is a software development company and an online retailer. We specialise in digital mapping applications for recreational users. TrackLogs is a licensed partner of the Ordnance Survey and our products contain genuine digital OS mapping. TrackLogs Mapping Products Our digital mapping products bring quality Ordnance Survey mapping to your windows PC. Using a standard look and feel windows interface our products include route drawing tools, GPS support and full home printing. Seamless Digital Mapping All of our TrackLogs Digital Mapping products plug seamlessly together allowing you to grow your mapping collection over time. TrackLogs Development Team We do all our own software development. We have found this to be the best way to keep a tight control over the quality, look and feel of our software.
product:TrackLogs Digitak Mapping 2.04 数字导航