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BlueMarble Geographic Transformer 5.2 坐标对应映射

光栅图像在GIS(地理信息系统Geographic Information System)项目中应用越来越广,需要将图形中的象素和现实世界具体位置的坐标对应映射联系起来。Geographic.Transformer就是这个工具。[img][/img]\”Master Raster\” with our image georeferencing, reprojection, tiling and mosiacing tool. This raster reprojection tool is based on our core coordinate conversion technology. The Transformer allows you to reference an image from either an existing reference file, or by using our popular “point-and-click” method with an already referenced image. The tool essentially sets up a relationship between known control points and the associated pixels values of your image. The Transformer also allows for complex reprojection of raster data. Support for all the major GIS file formats including compression formats such as ECW, JPG2000, and MrSID. You can save your work out in whatever file format you need as one image, a mosaic of images or smaller tiled pieces. [b]Now featuring MrSID write![/b] One of the only applications available on the market with this feature. Includes 500MBs of MrSID write free with purchase of the Geographic Transformer 5.2!Image data sources including scanned paper maps, aerial photos, and satellite imagery become powerful when reprojected as image maps for use as a background, or base map upon which other spatial data is overlaid. The Geographic Transformer allows you to easily establish an \”image-to-world\” relationship between image and map coordinates and reproject an image into a georeferenced image map.
product:BlueMarble Geographic Transformer 5.2 坐标对应映射