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Robust, fast and user-friendly tools are essential in geotechnical engineering. GeoDelft, the world-renowned Dutch geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics institute, realised this a long time ago. Since its foundation back in 1934, research and development at GeoDelft has been very important to the Netherlands, and as result GeoDelft is a world leader in Deltaic and soft soil/sediment environments. [img][/img]Eastern Scheld storm surge barrier[b]Development:[/b]In the past 20 years, engineers and consultants at GeoDelft have profited from in-house software development. According to the specifications of experts, scientists, consultants and the industry, popular design and analysis tools were built for the Dutch Geo-Engineering industry. These products are now available in English for the international Geo-Engineering industry. Continuous development results in new products as well as frequent product upgrades.[b]Product description:[/b]Software tools are user-friendly, based on quick and robust analytical calculation procedures using common default soil parameters where required. In general our products use known peer-reviewed and validated calculation techniques with advanced options for more sophisticated modelling of the below ground environment.All products have windows-based, user-friendly interfaces. To aid the user, all products are modular, with common components allowing for seamless product integration, and the export of data between programs. For example, settlement geometry and parameters calculated within MSettle (settlement analysis program) can be exported into MStab for stability analyses.[b]Practical Tools:[/b]Delft GeoSystems believes that their geo-engineering tools should integrate seamlessly into the engineering process, providing solutions, not just values. Besides the standard results one expects from engineering tools, Delft GeoSystems’ tools provide direct answers to common practical engineering questions, for instance:What is the ‘overheight’ and soil volume needed for this embankment? (MSettle) Which soil parameters should be used to fit this settlement plate measurement? (MSettle, plate fit module) What is the stability based on these field pore pressure measurements (MStab, direct input of measured excess pore pressures) What is the optimised sheet-pile length? (MSheet, CUR verification module) Which soil parameters influence the stability of this embankment and to what extent (MStab, reliability module)