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[img][/img]Robust and fast Terzaghi model for vertical drainage:This concerns an extension to the traditional Barron-Carillo method. This method facilitates drainage systems for strips and ditches. The model can also deal with drainage systems that involve under pressure, such as the IFCO system, Bea Drain and vacuum consolidation. This new model can be combined with all loading types in MSettle and more importantly with the settlement plate fit module. Settlement plate fit module: Since the addition of the settlement plate fit module, MSettle can be used during the construction process. The settlement plate fit module allows users to perform automatic parameter fits, based on settlement plate measurements. More accurate predictions can than be performed for future construction stages, using adjusted parameters.Modules MSettle offers the following modules:one-dimensional model with consolidation according to Terzaghi; twee-dimensional model with consolidation according to Terzaghi; Darcy consolidatie Module Verticale drainage Module Settlement Plate Fit Module The program is being delived with extensive user documentation, examples and verification tests.