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Digital Canal’s Frame Analysis and Design is the only frame analysis and design program that is truly integrated with AutoCAD. Unlike other programs that claim to have a \”CAD-like\” user interface, Frame Analysis & Design actually utilizes AutoCAD to model, analyze and design structures. Since all of AutoCAD’s functionality is available from within the Frame Analysis interface, analysis models can be built in existing drawings and can contain CAD entities such as lines, text, blocks, etc. in the DWG file without affecting the operation of the program. Frame Analysis and Design requires only a novice level of experience with AutoCAD. It provides a one-project return on investment while also significantly increasing your return on investment for AutoCAD. The program is easy to use, yet highly intelligent, and was written for the average engineer to operate proficiently in a very short time span. It does not require painstaking and time consuming manual manipulation of an input file or the use of a complex “structural programming language”. The technical capabilities of the program encompass the needs of vast majority of projects you will ever encounter.At the heart of Frame Analysis and Design is the 30+ years proven STRAAD Finite Element engine. The STRAAD engine provides the accuracy and reliability that can only come from a program that has been used on thousands of engineering works of all sizes. The STRAAD engine contains a proven skyline type solver that requires little memory and is capable of solving very large models. There is no restriction on model size.