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KineMAP Digital MAP Software 5.0

Mapping application developers: Combine raster, vector and elevation data to create dynamic moving maps using KineMap digital map software. Enhance images with sun-shading, color-banding and entity-intervisibility and overlay your own geo-referenced symbology ?allwithin the software抯 fully scalable, open-systems architecture. Seamless Integration with VAPS?KineMap digital map software is easily integrated with VAPS, eNGENUITY Technologies?industry-leading HMI development tool, through the new 2-D Map object (API) in VAPS. Drag & drop map object allows users to quickly connect map server/rendering software into VAPS applications. This allows the dynamic moving map to be overlaid with VAPS drawn flight symbology and navigational indicators. The map object API enables users to freely manipulate the map as well. The VAPS 2-D Map Object used in the VAPS / KineMap digital map software integration currently supports a subset of the complete KineMap digital map software product feature set.
product:KineMAP Digital MAP Software 5.0