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MapObjects Windows Edition 2.3

MapObjects Windows Edition

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MapObjects Windows Edition
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MapObjects Windows Edition software is a powerful collection of embeddable mapping and GIS components. Developers can use MapObjects to create applications that include dynamic live maps and GIS capabilities. MapObjects provides the tools you need to create specialized solutions for your desktop mapping and GIS needs.

With MapObjects you can:

* Add mapping components to enhance existing applications.
* Build lightweight data viewing applications.
* Create customized mapping and GIS programs that fulfill specific tasks and requirements.
* Develop simple query-based applications that easily enable access to data generated by sophisticated GIS solutions.

MapObjects is an ActiveX control with nearly 50 programmable ActiveX automation objects that can be plugged in to many standard Windows development environments such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual C++, Visual Studio.NET (VB.NET and C#), Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual FoxPro, and PowerBuilder.

MapObjects offers many sophisticated capabilities to help you put dynamic maps into your applications including:

* Support for a wide variety of data sources and image formats
* Advanced data handling for optimized performance
* On-the-fly projection
* Advanced geocoding capabilities
* Global positioning system (GPS) management
* Built-in compatibility with ESRI\’s ArcIMS Web connectivity middleware, so you can build Web-based mapping and GIS applications
* A run-time deployment utility to help you distribute your applications easily and efficiently
* A legend and scale bar control, including source code, designed to make it easier for you to develop your applications
product:MapObjects Windows Edition 2.3