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ArcGIS Engine Runtime 9.0

ArcGIS Engine is a complete library of embeddable GIS components for developers to build custom applications. Using ArcGIS Engine, you can embed GIS functions into existing applications, including Microsoft® Office products, such as Word and Excel, and build focused custom applications that deliver advanced GIS systems to many users. ArcGIS Engine consists of a software developer kit and a redistributable runtime providing the platform for all ArcGIS applications. Since ArcGIS Engine is supported on Windows, Solaris, and Linux (Intel), developers can create cross-platform custom solutions for a wide range of users.
The five parts of ArcGIS Engine are outlined below and illustrated in the diagram at right:

1. Base Services—The core GIS ArcObjects required for almost any GIS application, such as feature geometry and display.

2. Data Access—ArcGIS Engine provides access to a wide variety of raster and vector formats including the power and flexibility of the geodatabase.

3. Map Presentation—ArcObjects for map creation and display with symbology, labeling, and thematic mapping capabilities including custom applications.

4. Developer Components—High-level user interface controls for rapid application development and a comprehensive help system for effective development.

5. Extensions—ArcGIS Engine Runtime is deployable with the standard functionality or with additional extensions for advanced functionality.

Each of these parts, including the extension functionality, is made available through the ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit. The ArcGIS Engine Runtime and its extensions, although integral factors in the development of a custom GIS application, specifically involve application deployment and are, therefore, considered separately.
product:ArcGIS Engine Runtime 9.0