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Esri ArcGIS Engine 9.2 Developer Kit

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ArcGIS Engine is a developer product for creating custom GIS desktop applications. ArcGIS Engine provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for COM, .NET, Java, and C++. These APIs not only include detailed documentation, but they also include a series of high-level visual components that make it easy for even the casual programmer to build an ArcGIS application.

ArcGIS Engine includes the core set of components from which ArcGIS Desktop products are built. With ArcGIS Engine you can build stand-alone applications or extend existing applications to provide focused spatial solutions to both GIS and non-GIS users.

ArcGIS Engine can offer you

  • Standard GIS framework, ArcObjects, on which the ArcGIS family is built
  • Cost-effective deployment requiring only an ArcGIS Engine Runtime or ArcGIS Desktop license per computer
  • Developer controls available in ActiveX, .NET, and Java that simplify application development
  • A choice of standard developer languages including COM, .NET, Java, and C++ as well as a choice of Windows, Linux, and Solaris computing platforms
  • Extensive developer resources including object models, utilities, samples, and documentation
    product:Esri ArcGIS Engine 9.2 Developer Kit