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nTopology 4.1.3

nTopology 4.1.3

nTop 4.1 – What\’s New

Type System Updates

With the release of nTop 4.1, we want to ensure that the nTop programming language can grow in a scalable manner to enable more powerful and robust computational design workflows in the future so that you can build the best parts. We fully maintained backward compatibility for this type update so any previous notebooks can be opened, viewed, run, and edited in nTop 4.1+ and future versions. In the new system, behaviors will be changed if you are working with:

– Lists

– Groups

– Abstract Types (e.g. Material, Spatial3D)

– Interface Functions (e.g. Translate Object, Rotate Object)

Usage Improvements

When automatically switching from an overloaded block that has an input containing an auto-populated default value, nTop will no longer prevent you from switching overloads and will discard the default value (shown below with Subdivisions input).

Note: If you delete the default value and type in any user-defined value, the overload will be prevented from switching until the value is cleared.

Product:nTopology 4.1.3
Lanaguage:Multi Language