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klocwork 2023.1

klocwork 2023.1

What\’s new in Klocwork 2023.1

Here are the highlights for Klocwork 2023.1. If you\’re upgrading, see the Limitations for items that affect how you use Klocwork.

Manage your Differential Analysis for CI/CD pipelines

Manage your differential analysis continuous integration builds by using the new CI Builds tab in Validate. By running CI builds, you can identify issues much faster and manage these issues in the same ways as you manage server issues, without having to run a full build. For more information see, Managing your Differential Analysis for CI/CD pipelines. We\’ve also added API actions to create, update, or delete CI builds, and to retrieve CI issue details. For more information, see Issue and metric API examples.


In this release we

  • improved the speed of the analysis phase for projects by enhancing the parallelization of the analysis

  • added support for several MISRA rules and increased coverage for MISRA C 2012 (up to AMD2) from 97.5% to 99%

  • increased coverage for DISA STIG high severity rules


We improved support for version 8.0 of the C# language specification by adding support for

  • const member declarations in interfaces

  • readonly instance members

  • static local functions

  • default interface methods

  • nullable reference types

  • async streams

  • using declarations

  • disposable ref structs


We\’ve added many new Java checkers that substantially improve our coverage of DISA STIG standards. See the Checkers section below for a complete list.

We enhanced support for Java 14 and have added partial support for Java 15:

  • Improved support for Java 14 in PATH analysis includes improved support for switch expressions in PATH analysis.
  • Klocwork now supports Java 15 for build integration commands such as kwant, kwgradle, and kwmaven and the Java 15 API for the Java knowledge base.

The kwandroid command now supports the –lang option that you can use generate separate build specification for C++ or Java.

JavaScript, Kotlin, Python

We upgraded and improved JavaScript, Kotlin, and Python analysis engines and checkers, including adding syntax highlighting for code samples in the documentation to enhance usability.

The Python checkers taxonomy was modified so that you can provide checker arguments that customize Python checkers.

JavaScript analysis was also improved by adding support for the the .eslintignore file. This file lists ignored paths that should be skipped during JavaScript analysis.

Coding standards

This release includes new and expanded standards coverage for the following coding standards:

  • CWE
  • Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++

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