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StruSoft WIN-Statik v6.5

StruSoft WIN-Statik v6.5

WIN-Statik is an easy to use structural engineering software for common design tasks. It contains both analysis and design that is performed in accordance to Eurocode with different national annex. The software is widely used in Scandinavia and has been the main design tool for structural engineers for the last 35 years.

WIN-Statik includes design software for concrete beams, columns, corbels, punching and sections as well as retaining walls, masonry structures and foundation plates. In addition to this, the well-known frame analysis is part of the WIN-Statik software package.

Frame analysis is used to evaluate 2D frames of steel, timber and/or concrete. The analysis considers 2nd order effects and redistribution of forces due to cracking of concrete.

Product:StruSoft WIN-Statik v6.5