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Geneious Prime 2023

Geneious Prime 2023

Geneious Prime makes bioinformatics accessible by transforming raw data into visualizations that make sequence analysis intuitive and user-friendly.

Sanger Sequencing Analysis

Simple sequence assembly and easy editing of contigs. Automatic annotation for gene prediction, motifs, translation, and variant calling.

Genotype microsatellite traces with automated ladder fitting and peak calling and generate tables of alleles.

Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

Beautiful visualizations of annotated genomes and assemblies displayed in a highly customizable sequence view.

Powerful SNP variants analysis, simple RNA-Seq expression analysis and amplicon metagenomics.

Molecular Biology

Simulate molecular cloning in one step including Gateway, Golden Gate and In-Fusion cloning.

Design and test PCR and sequencing primers and create your own searchable primer database.

Powerful CRISPR tools make it easy to find sites, design guide RNAs and analyze your editing results

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