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Bentley RAM 2022.12

Bentley RAM 2022.12

Bentley RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4

Bentley RAM Connection Standalone CONNECT Edition Update 9

Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition Update 8

Bentley RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition Update 4

High quality and economical projects can be easily achieved using different concrete, steel and beam structures. Design, analyze, and create your architectural design documents to save time and cost. Maximize your software ROI through a fully integrated set of applications for complex analysis, design, and documentation of steel and concrete structures. Improve performance by using practical RAM applications to eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks. Any type of design: from single component to large-scale construction and foundation.

RAM Structural System

Reliable equipment and rapid development of high-quality and economical projects using a variety of concrete, steel and beam structures.

RAM Connection

Analyze, design, and instantly check all types of connections, and perform complex calculations and seismic responses.

RAM Elements

Perform analysis and design of almost all types of building structures and structural components (including 3D element analysis) in a single application.

RAM Concept

The cost-effective panel, support plate and base design can visually control the compliance, efficiency and practicability of the design.

Product:Bentley RAM 2022.12