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Nemetschek Allplan 2023.0.2

Nemetschek Allplan 2023.0.2

Allplan 2023 is the connecting platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, engineers, precast manufacturers and construction companies, bringing numerous innovations and improvements. As a multi-material solution, Allplan covers everything: from masonry, in-situ concrete to steel and timber construction and, for the first time, precast concrete parts. The possibility of coordinating different materials and construction methods in a common model enables architects to better consider the economical and sustainable use of building materials earlier and taking environmental regulations into account. Engineers and construction companies can build directly on the architect\’s design and use it as a basis for statics and construction, building services, prefabrication and construction.

Allplan supports workflows throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to the finished project, thus enabling time, cost and material savings.

Highlights for architects include accelerated processing of site survey and point cloud data for renovation projects, faster modeling of complex openings, and real-time BIM collaboration between Allplan and Solibri. Powerful improvements in visualizations and animations as well as real-time synchronization with Lumion enable convincing and successful presentations of concepts. BIM-compliant planning and attribution is simplified.

Civil engineers will particularly benefit from the time-saving new developments for the automatic detailing of reinforcement. A new toolbox for steel connections also enables higher accuracy and improves communication with project partners. Thanks to the integration of the previously separate plannable prefabricated part solution, it is now possible to optimally plan structural prefabricated parts such as stairs, columns, slabs and walls, as well as to create plans automatically.


Convincing the client of creative ideas is often best achieved with realistic, atmospheric visualizations of the project instead of 2D plans that require explanation. With Allplan 2023, the extremely powerful visualization options have been comprehensively further developed. Visualization effects such as fluorescence, lens flare, depth of field and volumetric fog are now also consistently available in the animation as well as with Realtime Render and CineRender. Additional professional material settings have been added. The interaction with the CineRender when making changes has been significantly accelerated. In addition, the integration of the Lumion LiveSync connection improves working with visualizations by updating Allplan scenes and their changes in Lumion in real time.


The Allplan 2023 version is characterized by the integration of numerous functions for precast element planning. Specifically, the complete range of functions of Planbar, an innovative planning solution in the precast area, has been included in Allplan. As a result, engineering offices and precast plants can now plan precast concrete parts of any complexity directly in Allplan. Allplan automatically creates element plans for production and the identifier can be used to check whether prefabricated parts with their specific built-in parts and reinforcement are identical to other objects.

The merger of Planbar and Allplan not only simplifies project coordination, but also enables new, even more efficient workflows. In this way, finished parts can be generated quickly using functions in Allplan as well as using PythonParts.

The joint version offers previous Planbar users numerous advantages: They get access to Allplan tools such as Bimplus or Allplan Share, as well as functions for cost planning, for infrastructure structures and much more. The administration effort is also significantly lower, since installation and licensing only occur once.

With the product Allplan Precast, in addition to the range of functions of Allplan, precast plants get sophisticated planning workflows for highly automated wall and ceiling production as well as numerous interfaces to production machines.


In addition to the integration of the precast functions in Allplan 2023, there are other innovations in the precast area. A highlight, for example, is the Smart Converter, which interprets and analyzes stair drawings (2D or 3D). He then corrects angles if necessary and transforms the drawings into producible, fully parametric stair models. Planning prefabricated stairs has never been easier and more efficient.

In addition, the layout catalog has been expanded to include numerous setting options. This allows the layouts for element plans to be designed even more individually.

Embeds can now be created with Python scripts. This opens up completely new perspectives with regard to built-in part functionalities. Definable rules increase the degree of automation. For example, Allplan can automatically calculate the correct positions and diameters for the required drill holes based on the dimensions of a steel plate. Parametric size changes are now also easy to implement.


Reinforcement planning is characterized by a high workload and deadline pressure. The automatic reinforcement helps to reliably complete recurring tasks in a short time. With Allplan 2023, several columns and walls of one type can now be reinforced at once. In addition, there are numerous improvements in detail. Columns can now have several stirrup types and continuous beams can also be reinforced in one step.

In view of the increasing requirements in BIM projects, the attribution of reinforcement has been extensively revised. The new release manager supports the timely ordering of reinforcement in lean construction projects. In addition, there are various optimizations: several polygonal placements with different position numbers can be combined into one polygonal placement with one position number.


To aid in the accurate modeling of structural steelwork, users now have the ability to customize the initial and final shapes of beam members. Holes and end connections can be defined with the Connection Toolbox. It can detail most steel connections with LOD 300 and higher, improving the accuracy and efficiency of communication when collaborating with designers, fabricators, building engineers and other BIM stakeholders.

In addition, the Connection Toolbox is programmed in Python and can be extended by users and developers. Allplan 2023 comes with examples of base and connection plates to make it easier to start developing extensions.


Building models contain a variety of openings for windows, doors, facades or technical equipment. Special openings such as corner windows and wall or ceiling openings as well as their sub-objects such as lintels, rebates or facings can now be adjusted even more quickly, easily and flexibly in terms of dimensions and display using the properties palette.


In the course of the project, countless views and sections are generated from the building model. In order to make this process as time-saving and precise as possible, extensive optimizations have been made: Views and sections can now be created perpendicular to any surface or automatically with dimension lines. There are numerous new options for visibility and labels. In addition, many properties can be changed with the properties palette to save time for multiple views and sections.


The Allplan interfaces have been extensively updated to provide the best possible support for data exchange with OPEN BIM and proprietary formats. For IFC, DWG and DGN formats, Allplan now uses the current libraries of the Open Design Alliance, an association of 1250 companies in the construction industry. The reliable cooperation in OPEN BIM projects has certified buildingSMART for the export of the IFC4 Reference View.

The SAF format, which is now supported by 16 software companies, was defined for interaction with statics software. In addition, cadastral data with property boundaries can be imported in SHP format. The new IFC4precast interface enables model-based data exchange that is independent of the production systems used.

In addition, special developments have been implemented for various countries, such as the support of XPlanung for Germany (expected availability in the fourth quarter of 2022), attribute templates according to the Czech standard and improvements in reinforcement exports in the aSa and Soule formats for the USA.


The attribution is of central importance for BIM-compliant planning. With each Allplan version, the workflows are further optimized and made more user-friendly. The latest innovations include user-defined property sets, which can now be defined directly in Allplan. Imported attributes are displayed in groups for a better overview. For easier localization, the formulas are now language independent.


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