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OptiLayer v14

OptiLayer v14

OptiLayer Module of OptiLayer Thin Film Software

OptiLayer is the fastest optical design software. OptiLayer is the only one thin film software where all optimization routines are based on sophisticated analytic algorithms belonging to the unique know-how of its developers. These algorithms provide the eminent convergence rate and accuracy of the OptiLayer refinement modes.

    Carefully developed interface and a number of automatic modes enable solving the most complicated design problems even if you do not have special experience in optical coatings design.

    If you are an experienced designer: special design modes meet the most sophisticated requirements and enable an effective application of all your experience to the fastest solution of various design problems.

    Diverse analysis modes of OptiLayer provide you with all the necessary tools for predicting manufacturing and application properties of any design.

    Design and analysis can be performed over wide spectral ranges and wide angular ranges for coatings with dispersive and absorbing layer materials.

    Monitoring options.

    Broadband (BBM) and single wavelength monitoring simulations.

    Error analysis options.


All our design, analysis and monitoring options have demonstrated outstanding performance! Read more in our publications.


bandpass filter

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Core Expertise:

OptiLayer allows the designing of all types of multilayers in accordance with desired specifications, among them:

    Antireflection coatings: narrow band, broad band, single or multiple band, omnidirectional;

    High reflectors and mirrors: cold and hot mirrors, dichroic mirrors;

    Chirp and dispersive mirrors for laser applications;

    Filters of all types: edge filters, band pass filters, narrow band pass filters, notch filters, WDM filters, gain flattening filters;



    Color coatings, dichroic color filters;

    Rugate coatings

Operation Ranges:

OptiLayer operates in any spectral and angular range. Spectral units can be specified in nm, A, μm, cm-1, eV, keV, 2∏/cm, μm-1, THz, GHz and g-numbers.

OptiLayer allows specifying T, R unit, namely in relative units (0 to 1), in percentage (0 to 100 %),  logarithmic units including dB Attenuation, and Optical Density.

OptiLayer evaluates color properties in all existing color spaces (CIE xyz, CIE L*b*, CIE H0LC, CIE L*u*v*, Hunter Lab) and Color Rendering Index.

OptiLayer provides the design, evaluation and reliable characterization of coatings composed of various materials:




    ITO, TCO,


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