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Vpi photonics analyzer 11.3

Vpi photonics analyzer 11.3

VPIcomponentMaker™ Photonic Circuits is developed with the goal to enable convenient, accurate and fast EDA-style design flow for elaborating modern and next generation photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

Such PICs are large-scale and heterogeneous, consisting of hundreds (many thousands in a few years) of passive photonic, active optoelectronic, and electronic elements. For their modeling, VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits supports scalable heterogeneous circuit-level simulation framework: time- and frequency-domain simulation domains are seamlessly merged and can, therefore, be combined within the same modeled circuit.

In particular, all passive subcircuits are numerically accurately modeled in frequency domain employing the cascaded scattering matrix (S-matrix) approach, while time-domain simulations are used for only modeling interfaces between passive subcircuits and active devices.


Product:Vpi photonics analyzer 11.3