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digimat 2021

digimat 2021

The new release Digimat 2021.1 enables a significant increase in the quality of the component with numerous further developments, more efficient workflows as well as new functionalities and an improved handling. Among other things, the user can look forward to various innovations regarding additive manufacturing, reverse engineering and the material database.

_ Easier creation & reverse engineering of temperature and strain rate dependent material models

_ Improvement of automatic reverse engineering with parameters from the data sheet

_ Validation of the calibrated material model using FE analysis of a test specimen

_ Update & extension of existing material models in the database

_ Explicit modeling of the support for additive manufacturing

         _Batch mode support via command line, new post-processing results & plots

         _Optimization of solver performance for shorter calculation times

_ Extension of post-processing for lifetime analyses in Digimat-RP

_ Cleaned log files of the analyses for a better overview

_ Support of FFT Solver for GPU with extension of material models

          _ Improvement in the performance of FFT Solver

_ Extension of material models for metals with failure between grain boundaries

_ Support of import of microstructures via *.stl like: Foams, …

_ Parameter study for the "Effect of defect" in Digiamt-VA

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