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FRED 19.4 Photon Engineering

FRED Optical Engineering Software simulates the propagation of light through any optomechanical system by raytracing. Whether your design is imported from CAD, a lens design program, or constructed from within the software, FRED provides engineers with the essential tools for virtual prototyping of optical systems.

 RED version 19.40 is a major new release containing enhancements that address both ease of use and computational architecture upgrades.

  • Supports Gemalto’s Sentinel license protection scheme, simplifying license setup and management and allowing new softkey license options.
  • GPUs can be used for analyses which require a coherent field summation.
  • ARNs updated with new options for data analysis, export to image and video formats, and node management.
  • Updated glass catalog data from optical glass vendors.

FRED is not restricted to any one class of problems. With the ability to propagate both coherent and incoherent light and assign realistic surface properties to every component in your system, FRED can be used for a diverse range of applications that include:

Product:FRED 19.4 Photon Engineering