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PIPEFLO is a hydraulic thermodynamic simulation software for steady-state gathering and transportation single pipeline or complex pipeline network. PIPEFLO can use simplified gas component input, black oil, steam or detailed component state equation. PIPEFLO can simulate the heat transfer calculation of buried pipelines, submarine pipelines, surface pipelines or some buried pipelines, calculate the CO2 or H2S corrosion of pipelines, pipeline pigging, pipeline erosion speed limit, and simulate the temperature drop of pipeline shutdown and hydrate generation boundary. PIPEFLO software and OLGA software have a special interface to directly save the input as an OLGA software model. PIPEFLO can simulate the physical property calculation of components or non components (black oil, simplified components or steam), support a wide range of flow correlations, and simulate the pressure, thermodynamic calculation, liquid holdup calculation and pressure drop prediction at any place of the system.



PIPEFLO is a software tool for fluid analysis and design modeling. These versatile tools can provide value in multiple disciplines, industries, and life stages of fluid piping systems. They provide a common basis for operators, process and designers, and management to understand, communicate, and document their fluid piping systems and processes. PIPEFLO is also applicable to the process, support and distribution systems of commercial, industrial and public facilities. It is a valuable tool for the design, commissioning, operation and transformation of fluid pipeline systems.



PIPEFLO is an engineering software STANDARD for modeling liquid and gas pipeline systems, which integrates pump curve data and Digital Twin analysis for overall project life cycle management. The whole project life cycle can be managed.



PIPEFLO software functions



-Pipeline cooling simulation



-Slug pigging calculation



-Erosion velocity calculation



-Severe slug simulation



-Corrosion prediction (including CO2 and H2S)



-Oil/water emulsion



-Calculation of gathering and transmission pipeline network



-Hydrate prediction



-Hydrate inhibitor simulation



Engineering Application of PIPEFLO



-Optimize pipe network design and minimize liquid holdup



-Accurately design separator and optimize investment



-Optimize design to prevent hydrate and wax deposition



-Troubleshooting, bottleneck diagnosis to increase production



PIPEFLO ® Designed to optimize and exclude new or existing fluid piping systems, it has rich functions and tools, and provides a variety of methods for viewing and analyzing fluid systems. Now you can reduce design time and avoid costly mistakes by eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets.






Easy to use:



Fully integrated with inventory and modules


One year of unlimited engineering/modeling support and personalized quick start training


More than 6000 liquids


Clear visualization and sharing of important piping system parameters


Oil pump selects database from PUMP-FLO


Import and export data

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