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Materialise Mimics 25

Materialise Mimics 25 With 3-Matic (Medical) 17.0

More in Mimics Innovation Suite 25:

Accurate segmentation accelerated

  • Discover new interactive segmentation tools like the Smart Brush enabling faster segmentation and Local Threshold allowing more efficient fine-tuning of existing masks.
  • Accelerate segmentations even more with anatomy-specific segmentation tools such as Segment Vessel, CT Heart and CT Bone in the Mimics Viewer.
  • Use the improved Cardiac Phase Sorting feature in the Import Wizard to drag and drop images easily.

Seamless workflow integration

  • Benefit from the optimized volume meshing and smoother integration to FEA/CFD solvers such as Abaqus and Ansys.
  • Utilize the optimized PACS integration with the possibility to integrate with various PACS viewers and install Mimics in batches.
  • Integrate seamlessly between cloud and desktop to send cases with one click from Mimics to the Mimics Viewer for auto-segmentation, case sharing, and reviewing.

Improved usability

  • Reduce the learning curve in Mimics with descriptive tool tips, a new Mimics User Guide interface and easy grouping of objects, masks and measurements.
  • Reduce the learning curve in 3-matic thanks to the easy arrangement of objects, shortcuts for the most commonly used operations, and a redesign of the icons.
  • Gain improved design functionalities with the Unfold Surface tool that allows you to unfold a 3D shape to a 2D surface and a faster Quick Label tool preview with a colored label option.
  • Enable more scripting possibilities with additional Python API functions.


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