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CSI Perform3D v8.1.0

CSI Perform3D v8.1.0

Perform3D is, in short, software for nonlinear analysis of earthquake-resistant building structures, developed by Computers and Structures, which specializes in designing software related to structures and earthquakes. According to the old seismic regulations, earthquake-resistant structures are based on force and resistance using linear elastic analysis, but since inelastic functions are commonly used in strong earthquakes, this old view can not be very logical for the new regulations. Turning to a displacement-based approach.

The displacement-based design realizes that in strong earthquakes, the deformation of inelastic structures is much more important than the strength and force parameter. Perform3D is also software that allows you to design earthquake-resistant structures based on the displacement approach.

Although this software follows ASCE 41 for building improvement, this does not mean that it is limited to this regulation. Perform 3D is a versatile software for designing displacement-based structures. This software has powerful capabilities for inelastic or hard analysis, if you do not know how your structure behaves in the face of strong earthquakes, Perform 3D can probably help you identify structural weaknesses and guide you to improve the design.


Product:CSI Perform3D v8.1.0